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just keep trying and you will be. just keep trying and you will be. just keep trying and you will.

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you mafsghjdsjkandfsmfd;',;klfkgk;lcvmvf,mnvx,mxdzv. cxvm.,vcxmkvmvcxmlcvxmcvxm,cv,mcxvmlmxcvl;mcvlcvl;,lvc,l;cv,l;cv

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Q: How do you be the greatest surfer?
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What was the Production Budget for Soul Surfer?

The Production Budget for Soul Surfer was $18,000,000.

When was Little Surfer Girl created?

Little Surfer Girl was created in 1993.

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Soul Surfer grossed $43,853,424 in the domestic market.

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Barry Channel Surfer - 2012 was released on: USA: 25 April 2012 (internet)

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Soul Surfer (2011) is rated PG because of the scene when her arm is bitten off. There is blood, although not excessively gory.

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Infinity Sword + Infinty Gauntlet = Corrupted Siver Surfer

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