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Divide the number by 3, or conversely multiply it by 1/3.

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Q: How do you find a third of a number?
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How do you find one third of a number?

divide it by 3.

How do you find a third of something?

Divide that number by three.

How do you find Two third of a number?

multiply it by 0.6666

How do you find a third?

-- Cut the whole thing into three identical pieces. -- Each piece is one third of the whole thing. -- If the whole thing is a number, divide the number by 3 to find one third of it.

One third of a number answer?

To find one third of any number, divide the number by 3.Example: 9 ÷ 3 = 3

How do you find out the year of a VW beetle?

The third number of the serial number is the year it was made.

How do you find the composite number?

Factor it. Once you find a third factor, it's composite.

What is the next number 20 19 17 14 in this sequence?

The next number is the sequence is 10. To find the second number, 1 was subtracted from the first number To find the third number, 2 was subtracted from the second number To find the fourth number, 3 was subtracted from the third number Therefore to find the fifth number, 4 must be subtracted from the fourth number. 14 - 4 = 10

Write a c program to find the largest number of given three number using ternary operator?

largest = first > second ? (first > third ? first : third): (second > third ? second : third);

4 numbers add up to 456 the fourth number is twice the second number and the third number is 26 more than the second number if the second number is equal to the first number find the third number?

The third number is 112, the numbers are 86, 86, 112, 172

What is a third of 72?

To find a third of a number divide it into 3 equal parts. So 72/3 = 24.

Mo is thinking of a number. Eleven more than one third of the number is -1 find Mo's number?

The number is -36

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