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65/1000 or 13/200

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Q: How do you write 0.065 as a fractoin?
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How do you write 0.3 as a fractoin?

0.3 = 3/10

What is 12 in a fractoin?

12 is an integer , not a fraction - and certainly not a fractoin! You could write it as 12/1 but there would be little point in doing so.

Write each ratio as a fractoin in simplest form 7 to 9?


How do you write 0.62 as a fractoin in simplest form?

0.62 = 62/100 = 31/50

What fractoin is equivalent to 0.3444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444?

None, because there is no such thing as a fractoin.

Is the number 0065 before or after number 1?

It comes after 1 because 0065 is the same as 65

What is 130 expressed as a fraction?

130 is an integer and it makes little sense to express it as a fractoin but, if you must, you can write it as 130/1.

Is the number 0065 less than the number 1?

No because 0065 is the same as 65 which is greater than 1

What number comes first 0065 or 665?

0065 also written sixtyfive, comes before 665 or six hundred sixty five

What is the fractoin of 2.25?


What is 1.25 as a fractoin?


How do you turn a decimal onto a fractoin?

1. Count the number of digit after (to the right of) the decimal point. Call this value X. 2. Write the decimal number as a string, without the decimal point. This will be the numerator of your fraction (or fractoin, as you prefer). 3. The denominator is 1 followed by X 0s. 4. Simplify.