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There is a vast array of this type of equipment. Some is internal some external, some requires gantries others vehicle mounted some are ground stand versions.

But to give you an idea

A free standing, Rifa-88 1000 watt soft lighting (used to knock down shadows on actors) excluding tax is about 1,100.00 USD to buy

a 3 head kit with Arrilite 800 kit contains3 x Arrilite 800 c/w Accessory holders, Barndoors, & Safety meshes, 3 medium stands, 1 x set 4 scrims

1 x deluxe carry case 3 x 800w DXX lamps

will cost in the region of 1,878.19 USD

That does not include lighting controls - power source etc. This si whey many production units Hire on large contracts the type of lighting needed - the latter could be about 25.00 USD a day to hire depending on how much business the supplier is getting of course. The prices are approximations against the general supply globally and could of course be somewhat higher OR lower in differing countries

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Q: How much would movie lights cost?
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