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no mark Henry is not the worlds stronggest man

mark Henry is nothing like a worlds strongest man

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No, he is not, because he is nothing but fat. And most of the stuff onWWE is not true considering the fact that it is fake, what a great scam.

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Q: Is mark Henry the worlds strongest man?
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When is the worlds strongest man 2010?

It is Mark Henry

Who is the worlds strongesty man in WWE?

Mark Henry is the worlds strongest man in the wwe

Who was the world's strongest man in 1873?

In 1873 the worlds strongest man was Mark Henry from the WWE.

What is the name of world's strongest person?

Mark Henry on WWE aka: Worlds strongest man.

Who is stronger than undertaker?

Mark Henry is stronger than the Undertaker because he is the worlds strongest man..

Pictures of the Worlds Strongest Man and woman?

Mark Henry (wwe superstar) And world strongest woman is AJ Lee (wwe Diva)

Is Mark Henry really the worlds strongest man?

He never did. The WWE bent the truth. He won the Arnold classic. This is a weightlifting contest. Not the worlds strongest man contest. He placed 7th in the olympics~justinaw990. please contact me for any information further. trust me this is the right answer and people keep putting their name on it. please lock this answer or give me the trust point

Who is the strongest man in WWE ever?

Mark Henry is the world's strongest man... That means he is the strongest man in wrestling today.

Who is world strongest man in the WWE?

Mark Henry is known as the world's strongest man in WWE.

Who was stronger in WWE?

the strongest wwe superstar is either batista or triple h although mark Henry is called worlds strongest man that's just his nickname

Strongest man in wrestling?

Mark Henry

Is mar Henry the worlds strongest man?

It is not true because it isn't a fact. they have a competition every year qualifying the worlds strongest man. he may probably be the strongest wrestler in WWE but he is Certainly not the strongest man.