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Ice Hockey is faster.

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2010-12-30 07:53:28
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Q: Is ringette the fastest game on ice?
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What is the fastest game on ice?

The fastest game on ice is ringette. If you don't know what that is, google it.

What is the fastest game?


What are the fastest games in the world?


Who is the best ringette goalie player in Canada?

the best ringette goalie would probably be on the Canada game ringette team so you would have to check it out

Which is the fastest team game in world?

ice hockey

Game like hockey?

ringette ... usually played by girls

Who invented ringette and why?

Ringette was invented by Sam Jacks in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario. He created this sport because he saw the need to create a ice sport for females.

When did ice hockey change the number of lines on the ice from 7 to 5?

Ice hockey has always used 5 lines: the red centre (Canadian spelling) line, two blue lines that mark each teams' respective zone, and the two red goal lines. The remaining two lines that you are likely referring to would not be seen on an NHL ice surface, but would be seen in many hockey rinks that accommodate ringette as well as hockey. These would be two red lines that run width-wise from board to board in each end zone, across the top of the face-off circles. These lines are the "ringette lines". I don't know exactly what they are used for in ringette, but I believe only a certain number of players may be below the ringette line during a game of ringette.

What sport is RINGETTE very similar to?

Most people say Hockey is very similar to Ringette. But then again it's very different. Different Equipment. Different rules. Different pace. Different game. By the way Ringette is NOT hockey for girls.

Which is the fastest game after ice hockey?

Horshoes by far is the most intense, fastes game in the world

What is ringette?

it is the hardest ice sport IN THE WORLD that is a good thing because if it were easy it would be called hockey

Which is the fastest game playing in the world?

1.Ice Hockey 2.Handball

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