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70 is composite. Its prime factorization is: 2 x 5 x 7

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Q: Is the number 70 composite tell the prime factorization?
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What does prime factorization tell you about numbers?

It tells you if a number is prime or composite and it also gives you a few factors of the number.

How can you tell if 3458 is a prime or composite number?

All even numbers greater than two are composite.

How can you tell 3458 is prime or composite number?

It is even and therefore composite.

How can you tell which prime factorization is for the greater number?

Multiply them out.

Can you tell a prime or composite number by seeing if its odd or even?

You cannot. If a number is even - other than 2 - then it is a composite number. However, if it is odd, it is not easily possible to tell whether it is prime or composite.

How do you figure a prime factorization?

what is a prime factorization ok here ill tell you and ill give u an example of prime factorization example:2,3, mostlyits an odd number but the number 2 is not an odd number buts its prime

How do you check if a number is prime or a composite number?

A number is prime when it only has one and itself as factors is prime. Therefore, to tell if a number is prime or composite simply find it's factors. If it has more than two factors than it is not a prime number, it is composite.

How can you tell if a number is a prime or composite number?

well first off all even numbers are composite (except 2). you can fist off tell if a number can be divided by three by adding up its digits such as 423. We know that 3 can go into this because the digits add up to 423. please take third grade again to learn the rest of the rueles

Is 29 an prime or composite number?

It is prime. Whenever you wanted to know a number is prime or composite, use this site. It can tell you the number is prime or not: prime-calculator dot com. It has lots of other abilities. Enjoy it.

How can you tell the difference between a prime number and a composite number?

Prime numbers have two factors. Composite numbers have more than two.

How can you use a models to tell if a number is prime or composite?

you cant

Is 743235 prime or composite?

A good way to instantly tell if a number is prime or composite is to learn some tricks to tell if a number divides by certain numbers. For instance, if a number is even, we know it is composite as it must be divisible by 2. If a number ends in 0 or 5, then it also cannot be prime as it would be divisible by 5. In this case, the number ends in 5, so we can tell it must be composite and cannot be prime.

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