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They are both polyhedra. Therefore the question is based on false premises and so is a waste of time.

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Q: Reasons why pyramids and prisms have nothing in common?
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What are differences and similarities between cylinder and prism with examples?

Two similarities are there both round and circular i guess. Hope you get what im trying too say. Bye bye

Why does Priam go to Achilles camp?

In exchange for Hector's deceased body, Achilles agrees to a fine ransom of silk garments and clothes, with ten talents in gold and two splendid tripods and a golden cup of matchless workmanship.

WHAT part of the pentagonal prism is congruen?

Rectangular bases are congruent to each other. The five other faces connect those bases and are adjacent to each other and the parallel bases to each other. Congruency does not occur on the five equal side shapes. This occurs in odd face prisms. The angle created by the five faces have only partial reflection of each other where as the pentagonal bases are parallel. The reflection on the parallel sides create an optical illusion of bending light. In a four sided prism however all faces are congruent. A cubed prism would be a perfect congruent prism.

What are some similarities between cubes and rectangular prisms?

one has more sides

How can prime factorization help you design a rectangular prism with a given volume?

It cannot except in the highly restricted and totally artificial situation where all sides are of integer measure (in some units).If you were required to find a prism with measure 30 cubic metres then you are meant to say:"Oh, I know! The prime factorisation of 30 is 2*3*5 and so the prism is 2 m * 3 m * 5 m."Yes, that is certainly possible, but what about1 m * 2 m * 15 m?or 1 m * 4 m * 7.5 m?or (worse still) sqrt(2) m * sqrt(2) m * 15 m?For any given volume, there are infinitely many possible triplets of measures for suitable prisms and prime factorisation is of help in only a small number of cases. A finite number out of an infinite number = precisely 0%!

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What do rectangular pyramids rectangular prisms have in common?

They are polyhedra.

How are prisms and pyramids alike?

Both pyramids and prisms are three dimensional. Both of them have polygon faces. Another thing common about pyramids and prisms is that they have a base and faces.

Are polyhedrons sometimes not prisms or pyramids?

they are not sometimes prisms

What do prisms and pyramids have in common?

They both have a base and sides. However, the prism has a second base at the top, which the pyramid does not have.

Are there pyramids and prisms in a house?

i am not sure.

How are pyramids and triangular prisms the same?


What is the relationship between prisms and pyramids?

pyramids are prisms. * * * * * Pyramids are not prisms nor are prisms pyramids. A pyramid has one polygonal base. Each side of that polygon is connected to a triangle, whose third vertices meet at a point above the base of the pyramid. A prism has two congruent polygonal bases that are parallel to one another. They are joined together by rectangles.

What are the differences of rectangular prisms and square pyramids?

One difference is square pyramids have 4 triangular faces while rectangular prisms have none!

How is a net useful when finding the surface area of prisms and pyramids?

The surface area of prisms or pyramids are simply the total area of the corresponding nets.

How will you name different prisms and pyramids?

Most of the common ones have already been named, so I will not be naming any. Prisms and pyramids are named according to the 2-dimensional shape of their base(s). For example, triangular prism or square based pyramid.

How are pyramids and cones different than prisms and cylinders?

Pyramids and cones have a pointed top (apex) while prisms and cylinders have flat tops. Pyramids and cones have a single base, while prisms have two parallel bases. Cones have a curved surface while pyramids have triangular faces.

How are prisms and pyramids similar?

They are both polyhedra.