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Electromotive force is measured in volts.

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Q: The standard measure unit of electromotive force?
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Would the electromotive force be equivalent to voltage?

Yes, voltage is the unit of measure of electromotive force.

Which unit of measure is used to indicate Ecell?

The unit of measure used to indicate Ecell, which is the cell potential or electromotive force of a cell, is volts (V).

What is the unit of electromotive force?


Why the unit of potential difference and electromotive force is the same?

Because an electromotive force is a potential difference (voltage) -specifically, an electromotive force is the open-circuit or no-load potential difference of a source such as a battery or generator.

What are units to express voltage?

The unit of electromotive force is the "Volt".

Who developed a unit of potential and electromotive force?

Albert Einstein

Do you measure force with a newton?

The Newton is the standard (SI) unit of force, if that's what you mean.

Who developed a unit of electric potential and electromotive force?

albert Einstein

How do you determine the voltage and current for circuit?

Voltage is "Unit of Measure"that how much of Electromotive force needed to move how many numbers of electrons in certain orbit with respect to the time is Volt. The tendency of electrons are being forced from their orbits around the nucleus in an atom by electromotive force is the Current flow

What is the unit measure of friction?

As friction is also just a type of force (an oppsoing force), it's standard unit is also Newton as of any other force.

What are the units of a multimeter?

A typical simple (cost-effective) multimeter can measures three different electrical quantities. -- When it's used to measure potential difference or electromotive force, the unit of the measurement is "volt". -- When it's used to measure current, the unit is "ampere". -- When it's used to measure resistance, the unit is "ohm".

Why potential difference and electromotive force have same unit?

Because they're the same thing.