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Q: What are the main factors that affect product pricing?
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What main product of the west Indies?

Coco is the main product of the west Indies.

What is the main product Nebraska produces?

Beef, corn, wheat, and soybeans.

What are the three main factors in a readiness model?

maturation, learning, and motivation

The main product that brought India into the global economy in the late 1800s was?


What is the main product of Bollywood?

The main product of Bollywood is Indian films, usually set up as musicals.

Related questions

What are the various factors that affect the pricing of a product?

the pricing of a product is largely depended on the two main factors : - 1. Internal like cost of production profit margin etc 2. External like type of market, general economic conditions, competitors, nature of the product etc.

Examples of by-product pricing?

a pricing method used in situations where a saleable by-product results in the manufacturing process. If the by-product has little value, and is costly to dispose of, it will probably not affect the pricing of the main product; if, on the other hand, the by-product has significant value, the manufacturer may derive a competitive advantage by charging a lower price for its main product.

What is captive-product pricing?

Pricing products that must be used with the main product. Like ink cartridges for the printer.

Usage of optional product pricing?

optional-product pricing- offering to sell option or accessory products along with their main product. for example, a car buyer may choose to order an in-car entertainment system and bluetooth wireless communication

How could optional product pricing be used by company?

Optional product pricing can be used by a company to increase both revenue and market share. This is by lowering the prices of main products and hiking the price of accompanying accessories.

What are the four main factors that affect personality and their meaning?

There are two main factors that affect personality. Genetics and environment.Of the two, environment is the major force.

What are four main factors that affect aquatic ecosystems?

The four main factors that affect aquatic ecosystems are waters depth, temperature, flow, and amount of dissolved nutrients.

What factors affects salinity?

There are several factors that affect salinity. Some of the main factors include evaporation and precipitation which will affect the salinity of oceans and seas.

What are factors that affect literacy rates?

poverty is the main factor that affect literacy rates

Name the factors that may affect osmosis?

There are at least 2 main factors that may affect osmosis. These 2 factors are amount of water and membrane permeability.

What two main factors affect magmas viscosity?


What is the main idea of factors affect climate?

greenhouse effect