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Q: What are the two most important considerations when determining if something qualifies as common knowledge?
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What is Mexico's most important service industries?

Tourism qualifies as such.

What is an important resource for Mexico and Venezuela?

Oil qualifies as such, as it is the most important and profitable natural resource among these two countries.

What is An important agricultural product for the economy of several countries of Central America and the South?

Corn (maize) qualifies as such.

what qualifies me for a government grant?

what qualifies me for a government grant, for a home

What service industry is especially prominent in Central America?

Tourism qualifies as such, and it is especially important in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama.

who qualifies for the grant home repair?

who qualifies for the grant home repair

What Qualifies As A Business Loan?

A business loanneeds a borrower to be in business for at least 24 months with an average of gross income of $150,000 or more. Business credit does play a role, but the overall credit score of all owners is the determining aspect.

What qualifies a question as poor?

A question qualifies as poor if it adds no value and is designed to waste time.

Can entomology evidence be used in court?

Yes, either in criminal or civil actions, as long as the evidence is rationally related to the issue and is given by e person who qualifies as having specific training and knowledge of the field.

What is the French word for golden?

doré if it qualifies a masculine noundorée if it qualifies a feminine noundoré, doréedoré(e)

What qualifies you for the job?

i am graduate.

What qualifies someone as a Reverend?