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It means "to express a number or expression as a product of factors."

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A factor usaully is a math term meaning a number

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A factor is a number by which another is exactly divisible.

In the multiplication sentence 9 x 4 = 36, 9 and 4 are factors of 36.

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Factors are numbers that multiply together to create a product. In the number sentence 4 x 3 = 12, 4 and 3 are factors of 12.

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Q: What do you mean by number factors?
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What Odd number with the same number of factors?

if you mean what is an odd number whose has the same number of factors as the number itself... then 1 will work.

What does it mean when a number has a odd number of factors?

improper fraction

What does it mean for a number to be prime?

It has only two factors.

If a number has a lot of factors does that mean it's an abundant number?

Probably, but that's not the reason. An abundant number is less than the sum of its proper factors.

Do all even numbers have as a factors?

do you mean " what does all even numbers have as factors?"? then the number two.

What does the word factors mean?

it means a number that you can devide by 2

What does it mean when a number is composite?

It has more than two factors.

What does composite number mean in mathematics?

A composite number has more than 2 factors whereas a prime number only has 2 factors which are itself and one

What does a prime number mean in math terms?

a prime number has only 2 factors

What does prim number mean?

A positive integer with only two factors: one and the number itself.

What is the smallest number that has 237?

If you mean 2, 3 and 7 as factors then the smallest number is 42

What does a prime factor mean?

A number with two factors, one and itself.