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Apparently it means 'kitten' in Japanese.

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Q: What does Koneko mean?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Koneko no studio - 1959?

The cast of Koneko no studio - 1959 includes: Meiko Nakamura as Cat

What does kitty mean in Japanese?

'Koneko' is kitten in Japanese.I don't know about kitty, but i know that cat is neko.  

What actors and actresses appeared in Koneko monogatari - 1986?

The cast of Koneko monogatari - 1986 includes: Dudley Moore as Narrator Shigeru Tsuyuki as Narrator

How do you say i am a kitty in Japanese?

"Watashi ha koneko desu."

What is the Japanese word meaning for kitten?

子猫 Koneko

What is the Japanese symbol for kitten?

It it written: 子猫 and pronounced 'koneko.'

What would be the nickname for the Japanese name Koneko?

Maybe Kone-chan

How do you say kitten in Japanese?

Koneko (pronounciation: Koh- neh- koh)子猫 (漢字)。こねこ (ひらがな)。koneko. [koe-neh-koe]Kitten.

How do you say black kitty in Japanese?

黒い子猫 kuroi koneko

How do you pronounce koneko?

You pronounce it like this: Ko-ne-ko. Look it up if this doesn't help.

What is the Japanese word for kitten?

こねこ 子猫 Koneko (neko-chan = kitty)

How do you say sweet little kitty in Japanese?

かわいい子猫 Kawaii koneko