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Installing the program to your hard drive

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Q: What does load a program mean?
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How do you load a program in turbo c?


What would the bootstrap program need to do?

The bootstrap program should automatically load the operating system after a power outage or reset. The operating system would then load the remaining software.

Four step that are necessary to an a program an a completely dedicated machine?

i. Reserve Machine Time; ii. Manually Load the program into the memory. iii. Load the starting address and begin execution. iv. Monitor and control execution through the use of Console.

What is the name of the Windows 7 boot load program?


How do you hack psp 3000?

you down load the program chikhen

What is overlay structures?

An overlay is part of program which has the same load origin as some other parts of the program.

What are the four steps to run a program on a completely dedicated machine?

a) Reserve Machine Time b) Manually Load Program Into Memory c) Load Starting Address And Begin Execution d) Monitor And Control Execution Of Program From console

What is relocation in operating systems?

program relocatability refer to the ability to load and execute a program into an arbitrary place in memory

What is meant by flow of execution a program?

That means to load a computer program into a computer's memory, and have the computer carry out the instructions in the program.

3 List the four steps that are necessary to run a program on a completely?

1. Reserve machine time. 2. Manually load program into memory. 3. Load starting address and begin execution. 4. Monitor and control execution of program from console.

What is the ratio of rms load voltage to mean load voltage?

The mean load voltage, in other words the average voltage, is zero in an ac system.

How does a front load washing machine work?

You open the front door, load the washing, close the door and set the washing program going.