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1cm is 1/100th of a metre !

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Q: What is 1cm as a fraction of a meter?
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What is 1cm as a fraction of one meter?

there are 100cm in one metre, so 1cm is 100th of a metre.

What is 1cm as a fraction of 1 meter?

1 over 100

What fraction is 1 cm of a 2 meter?

1cm/2m = 1cm/200cm = 1/200 or 0.005

One CM is what fraction of a meter?

Assuming by CM you mean centimetre, 1cm = 1/100 of a metre

What fraction of 1cm is 2cm?

fraction: 2cm/1cm = 2/1

What fraction of a meter is 1cm?

1 metre = 100 cm1 cm = 1/100 metre = 0.01

How many meter make 1cm?

0.1m = 1cm

What fraction is Cm of meter?

The conversion between m and cm are given .On finding the relation we get as follows . we know that , 1 m=100 cm.

How many meter equal to 1cm?

100cm = 1m 1cm = 0.01 m

What is 0.01 of a meter?

0.01 meter is 1cm or 0.39 inch.

What Does a 100th of a meter equal?


How much is in 1cm?

0.1 meter