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The Standard Method of Measurement is used for the measurement of construction works. It gives guidelines as to what should be measured for various parts of the construction process. It allows for estimators to measure works in a standard format for easy preparation of a Bill of Quantities nad easy comparisson of tenders.

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Q: What is standard method of measurement used for?
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What is standard method of measurement 7?

The Standard Method of Measurement known is the SMM7 publish by the the Royal Institution of the Chartered Surveyors is the appropriate method of measurement for building works. The SMM7 rules are simplified enough to produce shorter bill of quantities and the contents updated to conform to modern practice.

What is difference between smm7 and POMI?

Standard method of measurement (smm7) & project of international management

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easy to understand any one

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Most of the world uses the metric system for measurement.

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A king's foot used to be the standard of measurement, now there is a Bureau of Measurements in the Washington DC that has standard measurement's that everyone else uses.

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A standard measurement is one that is accepted and used by everyone. If the measurement can be compared to some standard, which does not changes, then it can be universally used. One example is a unit of time such as seconds, minutes, hours, days, years. The meter has a standard, and the foot and inch are defined in reference to the meter.

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Yes you could. Look at metric and imperial measurement units, consider Roman units and the unit used by the Chinese empire as alternative units of measurement.

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serving i think