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~ Andean Condor ( Vultur gryphus )~ The Andean condor is the biggest vulture. The condors are relative to the New World Vultures of South and North Amercia. This is one of the biggest vultures / condors of the world. This vulture / condor lives in grasslands, and high mountains. This vulture does not kill living prey. The Andean Condor is the only New World Vulture to show " fairly differences " in the male and the female. The male has a comb on its head, and the female doesn't. This vulture habitats in the south amercian region. Looks ~ This vulture has a naked gray head. Full broad wings, with white on arms, " not on the feathers ". Guide ~ ~ 11 ft wingspan ~ Length 4 ft.

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2009-04-04 19:38:44
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Q: What is the largest vulture?
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Which is largest vulture in India?

Himalian Griffon (Gyps hymalayansis)

Is the vulture the biggest bird?

California Condor is the largest of the "flight" birds. The Ostrich is the largest bird

How big is the largest vulture?

4ft long w/ 11 fto wingspan.

What is the large vulture fund in south American continent called?

There are numerous species of vulture in South America, but the largest of them all with a 10 ft wing span is the Andean Condor.

What is a condor?

A condor is a type of bird known as a vulture. Condors are the largest flying birds in the western hemisphere.

Is a turkey vulture a new world vulture or an old world vulture?

it is an old world vulture

Is vulture endangered?

There are many species of vultures, some of the endangered species of vulture are the white rumped vulture, the indian vulture, the slender billed vulture, and the red headed vulture.

What are the different kinds of vultures?

Vultures are separated into two groups: Old world vultures and new world vultures old world vultures include species in Africa, Europe, and Asia. New world vultures are the species found in the Americas. Old World Vultures are: The Lammergeier (or Bearded Vulture) The Palm Nut Vulture Egyptian Vulture Cinereous Vulture (aka eursian black vulture or monk vulture) Griffon Vulture White Rumped Vulture Rupell's Vulture The Indian Vulture Slender Billed Vulture Himalayan Vulture Cape Vulture The Hooded Vulture The Red Headed Vulture Lappet Faced Vulture and the White Headed Vulture New World Vultures are: The Turkey Vulture Black Vulture Andean Condor King Vulture and the California Condor

What is vulture?

vulture is a bird

Is the California condor a turkey vulture?

No, but it is a vulture, larger than the turkey vulture.

What is vulture in spanish?

vulture == zopilote

How do you say vulture in french?


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