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Q: What is the number called when all its factors add up to twice the number?
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What is a number where its factors add up to itself called?

It is called a perfect number.

Do you add 10 twice when adding the factors of 100 to determine if 100 is an abundant number?

No. Square roots are listed once.

How can you prove that a perfect number can never be a prime number?

In a perfect number, the sum of all the factors (including the number itself) is twice the number. E.g., the sum of the factors of 6 is 1 + 2 + 3 + 6 = 12 (equal to 2 x 6). Every prime number has two factors: 1, and itself. So, the sum of the factors is only one more than the prime number itself; for any number greater than 1, this can't be twice the number. For example, the prime number 7 has the factors 1 and 7, which add up to 8.

When you triple your number add three subtract twice your number and add two you get two times your number minus ten what is your number?

My number is 11.

What factors of 100 add up to 10?

100 has nine factors: 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100.

Is 99 a deficient number?

A number whose proper factors add up to less than the number is called deficient. 99 is a deficient number because the sum of its proper factors (1, 3, 9, 11, and 33) is 57.

Draw algorithm and flowchart to check a number is perfct or not?

1. List all factors of number (including 1 and the number, list each factor only once even if it goes in multiple times) 2. Add up all the factors 3. If the sum is equal to twice the original number, then the original number is perfect, if not, it is not perfect.

What number is when you add all of its factors the sum is 12?

The number is 6.

The one digit number that if you add all the factors you get 12?

If you add together all the factors of the number six, you will get an answer of 12:1+2+3+6=12

You are a number under 10 your factors add up to 13 what number are you?

You are 9.

Is 11 a perfect number?

no 11 is not a perfect number because when u add the factors the don't add up to 11

How do you know if a number is abundant or deficiant?

First to be able to find an abundant number you have find all the factors of any number. Then add them all up. If the total is bigger than the number you found out the factors of then it is an abundant number and if the total is less than the number you found out the factors for it is a deficiant number and finally if the total is the same number as the one you found out the factors for it is called a perfect number. Thanks for learning from me. I hope you have understood what i have typed. Bye!