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Q: What is the smallest number whose factors are the squares of two different prime numbers?
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Numbers that have an odd number of factors are what?

perfect squares

What numbers with an odd numbers of factors?

Perfect squares have an odd number of factors.

What numbers have 3 factors?

The squares of all prime numbers have 3 factors.

Numbers with exactly 3 factors?

Squares of prime numbers have exactly three factors.

What numbers have three factors?

Squares of prime numbers have only three factors.

What do say for numbers which have exactly 3 factors?

Numbers with exactly three factors are squares of prime numbers.

What are numbers with odd factors called?


What are all the numbers that can be divided by only 3 multiples?

Numbers can't be divided by multiples. They get divided by factors. Factors go into numbers, numbers go into multiples.

What are numbers that have an odd amount of factors called?

perfect squares also known as square numbers taytay

Will you get the same number of factors if you multiply a prime number and itself?

Prime numbers have two factors. Prime squares have three factors. Square numbers have an odd number of factors but that number varies.

What are all the composite numbers with 3 factors?

squares of prime numbers

What are the composite numbers with only three factors?

squares of prime numbers