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Kid buu is the strongest buu because he was the Last Buu/Villain he was toying with everyone and he pushed back the spirit bomb of the ki/power of ultimate gohan,goten,trunks,piccolo,rest of the z-fighters,people from other world,namekians,earthlings....and that wasnt enough to stop kid buu until goku had his powers restored by the dragonballs and had to go Super Saiyan to defeat buu with the spirit bomb...and ssj3 goku was the strongest Z-fighter

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kid buu

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Q: What is the strongest buu?
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Who are all the buus in Dragon Ball Z?

Just Majiin Buu. There is Buu Old Buu and Kid Buu I Believe.

Who is the stongest on Dragon Ball Z?

Well, it really depends at what time you're talking about. During the Cell Games, Gohan was the strongest. When android 19 and 20 came, Vegeta was strongest. When Majin Buu came, Goku was the strongest. When Picclo fused with Kami, Picclo was strongest. If you be more specific, I can answer your question, but if you're talking about at the very end, probably Goku.

What race is majin buu?

Majin Buu,Evil Buu,Super Buu,and Kid Buu's race are Majins.Powerful and dangerous species.They can't get hurt from attacks of other races,but they can get hurt by their own kind.Or,maybe not...?

Who killed daboria in Dragon Ball Z?

buu killed daboria when doboria tried to kill buu. Buu turned him into a cookie and ate him

Does buu turn good?

What happens is that Good buu stays indoors and lives normally. On top of that,Every time buu gets angry he remembers Mr. Satans words

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Which is the strongest Buu in DBZ?

Buff Buu would be the stronges but since he is not an actual form of Buu, the strongest Buu is Mystic Buu. The strongest non-fused Buu is Kid Buu. Ultimate Buu (The strongest form by far) Kid buu ( strongest non-fused & the original form)

Which form is strongest out of all buu forms?

Ultimate Potential Buu (Super buu / w Gohan absorbed) is the strongest out of all Buu's forms.

Who is majjin buu?

Majin buu is the fat buu super buu is the one that absorbed gohan kid buu is the strongest of them all

Is kid buu the strongest villain in dbz?

yes but remember when he was transforming from super buu back to kid buu he was real muscly in 1 form that is actually his strongest state

Who is the strongest villain in dragonballz?

Kid buu

Who is the strongest villain in dragonball z?

Kid Buu

Who would win evi buu or kid buu?

Kid buu aparrently because if you watched dbz you would know because it is the Purest (therefore strongest) of all the Buu`s forms.

Who is stronger Kid Buu or Super Buu?

AnswerKid Buu is the stronger of the two.Buu's transformations: Majin Buu --> Fat Buu and Evil Buu --> Super Buu --> Gotenks Buu --> Mystic Buu --> Super Buu --> Buff Buu --> Kid Buu.The strongest is the unknown Buff Buu, followed by Mystic Buu, who is followed by Kid Buu, who is stronger than Gotenks Buu, who is in turn far stronger than Super Buu.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mystic Buu is the strongest form of all Buus' forms.Kid Buu is the original & strongest non-fused Buu.Base Super Buu & Buff Buu are nearly as equal but Buff Buu is stronger.kid buu is stronger than super buu. Proof? super buu was overpowered by ss3 gotenks who is as strong as ss3 goku. kid buu was able to beat ss3 goku. gohan buu and gotenks buu are both stronger than kid buu. Why? although, goku lost to kid buu, he put up a decent fight. super buu's power is lower than kid buu's but not far off. With picolo's mind and the combine strength of super buu and gotenks, gotenks buu is alot stronger than kid buu. gohan buu is undoubtly stronger than kid buu. super buu put a good fight agaisnt gotenks but ultimate gohan beat super buu without breaking a sweat. ~greenaloe

Is Super Buu stronger than Kid Buu?

Super Buu > Kid Buu -Kaioshin just said Kid Buu is just most DANGEROUS OF ALL BUU that not mean him is the strongest -Goku When Inside Buu him say him can't beat super buu if him go out him would be killed -Super Buu is more smart than Kid Buu -Piccolo even think SSJ Gotenks stronger than SSJ3 Goku who par with Kid Buu Ultimate Gohan > SSJ3 Gotenks >= Super Buu >>>>SSJ3 Goku = Kid Buu

What is the pink guys name in Dragon Ball Z?

There a 3 pink guys: Majin Buu( The fat one), Super Buu( The Tall and skinny one) and Kid Buu( The Small and Skinny one also the strongest).

Who is the strongest in dragonball z?

The strongest villian is Buu when he absorbed Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten. The strongest hero is Mystic Gohan and Goku SSj3. The strongest fusion is Vegito, the fusion form of Goku and Vegeta.

Who is the strongest unfused person in Dragon Ball Z?

At the end of the buu saga, the strongest is gohan because of the Kai training. followed by goku, followed by vegeta.