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well if you want to know what percent of china recycles well it is 36 percent does

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Q: What percent of china recycles?
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What percent of America recycles paper?

i DONT KNOW but i do know it's not enogh

How many recycles in America?

18 millions recycles

What percent of the world's concrete is used by China?

the percent of the worlds concrete is used by china is 88%

What percent is the Gobi Desert from China?

Thirty percent

What recycles water from foods it eats?

the animal that recycles water from foods it eats is the spade foot toad.

What recycles itself?

In ecology, water recycles itself.Izabella Passey

What percent of children cannot read in Poor China?

The percent of children i poor china who do not attend school is 78% JK ! :)

What is the percentage recovery of aluminium scrap?

Japan recycles 82.5% of the aluminum they use while Brazil recycles 98.2%.

Where do 63 percent percent of China's people live?

urban areas

What percent of the worlds technology is made in japan and china?

Both these countries are a major leader.About 70 percent are made in China and Japan.

What countries recycles metal?

Almost every country recycles metal since it is very profitable and easy to export / recycle.

What percent of the world live in china?

About 20% of the world's population lives in China.