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There is no such thing. If you multiply any two numbers, you'll have a number that is a multiple of both. This product won't necessarily be the LEAST common multiple, but it is a common multiple nonetheless.

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Zero creates some funny situations and is best avoided. Other than that, all sets of numbers have an LCM and at least one common factor.

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Co-prime or relatively prime.

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Q: What two numbers have no common multiples?
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What are the common multiples of 140?

You have to have two different numbers to find common multiples

What multiples are shared by two or more numbers?

common multiples

Multiples of one number that are multiples of another?

They are the common multiples of the two numbers.

What is the difference between a multiple of two numbers and the least common multiple of two numbers?

All nonzero numbers have multiples. Any two numbers will have an infinite number of multiples in common. The smallest of these is known as the least common multiple, or LCM.

What do you call multiples that are shared by two or more numbers?

Those are known as "common multiples". The smallest POSITIVE of these common multiples is called the "least common multiple".

What are the common multiples of 12?

You can't find the Common Multiple of only one number. You need at least two numbers to find a common multiple.

What are the first two common factors of 3 and 5?

Since 3 and 5 are both prime numbers, the only common factor of the two numbers is 1. Perhaps you are thinking of common multiples, the first two common multiples of the two numbers are 15 and 30.

What are the common multiples of 16?

A common multiple is used to compare the multiples of two or more numbers - a single number cannot have any common multiples.

What are the least common multiples of 9?

You need at least two numbers to compare multiples.

What is the connection between a common factor and the common multiples of two numbers?

The product of the GCF and LCM of two numbers will equal the product of the two numbers.

Could there be greatest common multiples for two numbers and why?

No. Numbers don't stop.

The Least Common Multiples of two numbers is 60?

20 and 30 could be two such numbers.