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Q: Where is the world's largest water treatment plant?
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Where India you have water treatment plant?

In India, wherever surface water from rivers is drawn for drinking water purpose, there is a full-scale water treatment plants of varying capacities. Besides, where sea water is used as raw water, desalination water treatment plants are also put up. In areas affected specifically by ground water pollutants like fluoride, arsenic, iron, salinity, there also corresponding water treatment plants are available in the country to bring down the pollutants' level within permissible limits. If the question is still more specific about the interest in water treatment plants in India, it would be easy to answer to the point with relevant details. OK?

Where do Canadians get their water?

From the lakes, streams and ground water depending on where you live and in most places it goes through a water treatment plant to clean it up. Canada contains a large portion of the world's fresh water supply.

Where is Wazirabad water treatment plant in Delhi?

This is situated at around 7-8 km from ISBT Kashmere Gate towards Karnal Byepass via outer ring road..

What is the second largest body of water in the world?

The second largest body of water, I think, is the Atlantic ocean.

Where does Aruba get their drinking water?

Feel free to drink the water in Aruba. No need for bottled water on this Caribbean island. Aruba's tap water is pure and fresh. It is distilled on the island in the world's third largest salt water desalination plant. Please take the time to learn more about the beautiful island of Aruba.

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How is water filtered at a water treatment plant?

With a filter system.

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