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what paper towel is the strongest

its bounty: with brawny close behind

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Q: Which paper towel is the strongest?
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Which brand of paper towel is the strongest?

the strongest paper towel brand is Kleenex and viva..

What paper towel rips when it is wet?

The paper towel that is strongest when wet is BOUNTY !

Strongest paper towel?


What is the conclusion for the strongest paper towel brand?

bounty the strongest

Which paper towel is strongest brand name or generic?

the strongest is brawny

What are the three strongest brands of paper towels?

The strongest brands of paper towel are Brawny, Bounty, and Marcel

Which paper towel brand is strongest when wet?


Is bounty the srongest paper towel brand?

Is bounty the strongest paper towel brand? Yes of course. Bounty is thicker so it would be the strongest and it cleans better too. Bounty has also been tested and was proven to be the strongest paper towel brand. I guess lol :)<3

What brad of paper towel aborbs the most water?

strongest paper towel project our contributors said this page should not be displayed for the questions below if any of these are not a genuine rephrasing of the question please help out and edit these alternates. stronger paper towel? 6th grade project about paper towel? Procedures for the strongest

What paper towel brand is the strongest?

charming ultra soft

How do you do the experiment of witch paper towel is the strongest regular paper towel or sparkle or bounty?

bounty is stronger I did it in a science experiment in fifth grade

Abstract forWhich paper towel is the strongest?

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