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Audley Harrison - 86"

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Q: Who has the longest reach in boxing?
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Who is the longest reigning flyweight boxing champion?

Chris John

Who was the longest lasting heavyweight boxing champion that is buried at Arlington?

Joe Louis - 1937 to 1949

Is 67 inch a long reach in boxing?

Depends on the fighters height and division. If someones reach is longer than their height, it is considered to be long. A 67" reach might be good in featherweight boxing or lightweight MMA, but most guys in divisions like heavyweight or light heavyweight have a 70"-85" reach

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1720 is the longest boxin ghas been apart of the oylimpics it is one good sport

How many rounds was the longest championship bare knuckle fight?

I may be wrong, but I think there was no limit on the number or rounds in bare knuckle boxing, so that a match would likely end with a knockout. Boxing gloves and round limits were among several additions intended to make boxing more humane.

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What is the longest winning streak in boxing history?

It was Julio Cesar Chavez from Mexico. He had an 88-fight win streak before his first draw. And the longest streak until his first loss, was Jimmy Wilde with 103 Wins.

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