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Q: Who has the world's fastest reflexes?
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The worlds fastest lamborghini?

worlds fastest lamborghini

What is the worlds fastest truck?

the bandag bullet is the worlds fastest truck

Over distance worlds fastest animal?

The cheetah is the worlds fastest animal. It can go 70 mph.

What animal has the quickest reflexes?

the cheeta has the fastest reflexes and is known as the fastest animal alive The Cheetah is not the fastest animal alive, the Peregrine Falcon holds that record with a top speed well in excess of 200mph. The Cheetah is the fastest land animal on earth, but does not have the fastest reflexes. The top speed of an animal is no indication of it's reflex capability. As far as I am aware, the mammal with the fastest reflexes in the world (as opposed to the fastest animal on earth) is the mongoose, as it is the only animal quick enough to successfully evade the strike of a cobra. i.e. it can react after the snake has struck, and is still fast enough to avoid being bitten. Overall though, insects have massively faster reflexes than any mammal or reptile.

What sports require and or develop the fastest reflexes?

Research (done some decades back, actually) has found that the fastest reflexes are among "Olympic" weightlifters (i.e. those who do snatch, clean & jerk, and their associated lifts).

What is the worlds fastest car in 2009-?

The worlds fastest car in 2009 was the 2009 SSC Ultimate Aero (270 mph).

What is the worlds fastest thing?

A nanosecond!

What is worlds fastest fish?


Is twista the worlds fastest rapper?


Where is the worlds fastest train?


What is the worlds fastest insect?

a cockroach

What is the worlds fastest sea mammal?

blue whales are the fastest mammals

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