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Q: Who is better kaka or iniesta?
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Who is on the FIFA 12 cover?

Kaka,Rooney and Iniesta.

Which is better messi or kaka?

Kaka by a mile when both are at their top form. Kaka is a complete player but messi is a club player (only shining at barca with xavi & iniesta).KAKA IS HAVING A BAD TIME NOW BUT WHEN HE IS BACK FROM HIS INJURY HE WILL AGAIN REGAIN HIS STATUS AS WORLD NO.1 . For me :- 1.Kaka 2.C.Ronaldo 3.Messi.

What famous soccer players wore the 8?

Iniesta gerrard lampard Kaka Xavi

Is Iniesta is better than messi?

Iniesta can never be better than Messi.

Who is better Kaka or Messi?

messi by far is better!!

Who is the best centre midfield player in soccer?

They are Gerrard,Xavi,Fabregas,kaka,Iniesta,cristiano ronaldo,Pirlo.

Who is better kaka or robinho?

of course kaka.

Who are the top 5 CM in the Champions League 2010-2011?

Lampard Xavi Iniesta Kaka Alonso In no particular order.

Who is the most respected player in the world?

i think so : ronaldinho, kaka, iniesta,klose, casillas, buffon, xavi, puyol ...

Who better ozil or kaka?

Kaka is a better player, but he is out with a long time injury.

Who is BETTER INiesta or xavi?

Inesta one point further then xavi

Who is better kaka or ronaldo fenomeno?

It is Kaka of course.