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In the NFL probably Michael Vick but he ruined his starting career by having dog fights he might start later on!

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Peyton Manning is the best quarterback.

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Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady.

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Q: Who is the fastest quaterback?
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Who throws the football?

the quaterback.

Is mike vick no longer the quaterback?

Yes, Mike Vick is no longer available for the Quaterback because he re-aggravated his injury in the NFL.

What NFL record do the panthers hold?

the panthers hold a quaterback record Cam Newton is a rookie quaterback who plays for the panthers Cam Newton broke the most quaterback rushing touchdowns He has 13 The old record was 12. From A.K.A/ missouri

What did Ken Stabler achieve in his career?

Ken Stabler was a former American Football quaterback for the Oakland Raiders followed by the Houston Oilers and then the New Orleans Saints. He was the fastest to win 100 games as a starting back.

Who is the tallest NFL quaterback?

Peyton Manning

Why did the football coach go the the bank?

to get his quaterback

Who is the worst Quaterback in history?

Keven prince

Is Tom Brady the best quaterback?

No Aaron Rodgers is

Who is colin Kapernick?

quaterback for san fransisco 49ers

What is the name of the player that calls the play and signals?


What college did quaterback Kevin Kolb attend?


Who is the best active quaterback in the NFL?

Peyton Manning