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Devin Toner, Leinster 6'11"

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Q: Who is the tallest player in the heineken cup?
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How did Ireland rugby team do in the Heineken Cup in 2000?

The Heineken Cup is for clubs and provinces, not national teams, so Ireland did not play in the Heineken Cup in 2000. Munster, one of the teams from Ireland, were the beaten finalists in the 2000 final.

Who is the only rugby player that has 3 Heineken Cup Medals and 2 Guinness Premiership medals?

eoin reddan

When is the Heineken cup final?

The Heineken Cup finals normally take place in May. The last one took place on the 24th day of May 2014.

Who won the heineken cup in 2008?

The winners of the 2008 European Heineken Cup were Irish team, Munster. Beating Toulouse in the final in Cardiff

Who is the tallest Welsh player at this years world cup?

Luke Charteris at 6ft 9in.

Who won the heineken world cup last year?


What is the Target market of Heineken?

the target market of Heineken would be males from the ages of 22-35 who follow sport, mainly rugby as they are the complete suspports of the Irish Rugby Heineken Cup

What was the date of the Heineken Cup Final in 2009?

23 May 2009.

Is heineken sponsoring the soccer world cup SA?

They are one of the sponsorers.

Who was Tallest player ever in world cup match?

It is zigic. of Slovenia who is 6 ft 8 inches.

Who did wasps play in the heineken cup final in 2007?

Glostershire or lestier i think

Who played for Northampton saints in the 1999 heineken cup final?

Matt Dawson