Who or what is Pashtun?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan A+

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Q: Who or what is Pashtun?
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Who in kite runner is pashtun?

Amir was the Pashtun and the Protagonist in Kite runner

How can you use Pashtun in a sentence?

Pashtun is a language used in Afganistan and Pakistan.

What is Pashtun Zarghun District's population?

The population of Pashtun Zarghun District is 90,817.

When was Yousef Pashtun born?

Yousef Pashtun was born on 1946-11-15.

What is a pashtun?

they are afghan people

What is the meaning of Ambreen?

fragrance in pashtun

What doe it mean to be a pashtun in The Kite Runner?

Being a Pashtun means to be the superior race in all of Afghanistan, that they are the purest race, according to Assef.

What country has a city named peshawar?

North west province of what is now Pakistan. Peshawar is a city of the Pashtun people also known as ethnic afghans. Peshawar and it's neighbouring Pashtun cities are called Pashtunkhwa, which basically means Pashtun side.

What is assefs ancestry in The Kite Runner?

In "The Kite Runner," Assef's ancestry is Pashtun. He is a member of the Pashtun ethnic group in Afghanistan, which holds a position of privilege and power in society. Assef's Pashtun heritage influences his character and interactions with other characters in the novel.

What is the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan?


Who is the Lion of Pashtun?

Ahmad Shah Durrani

What is the largest ethnic group in afgahnistan?

The Pashtun with 42%.