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Q: Who scored 5 goals in man you V ipswich 9 0 win?
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Who did man utd win 9 0?

Ipswich, in 1995

Who scored the winning goal in the 1957 FA cup final?

Peter McParland, who scored both goals in Aston Villa's 2-1 win over Man United.

Can ipswich town win?

If Ipswich Town win then I'm skinny

Who will get the FIFA player of the year?

The legendery Adam Henry. 300 caps for man united, scored 10 goals in a 21 nil win over west ham. he will win it.

What is the biggest score in the premiership?

Biggest win: Man Utd 9-0 Ipswich, set in March 1995. Most goals: Portsmouth 7-4 Reading, set in Sept 2007.

When did ipswich win league 1?

Ipswich Town won the FA Cup in 1978. Roger Osbourne scored the goal in a 1-0 victory over Arsenal

How goals have England scored?

2000 as of the 1-0 win over Sweden in November.

Who holds the team record for most goals scored in an NHL game?

On March 31, 1920 , Montreal Canadiens scored 16 goals in a 16-3 win over the Quebec Bulldogs.

Who would win the premiership if scores and goal difference were exactly the same?

After goal difference it drops to away goals, then home goals conceeded and scored

Biggest win in English premier league?

the record home win is 9-0 and the record away win is 8-1 both records held by man utd

Which English player scored 4 against Spain?

No English player scored four goals against Spain in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Spain set the record for the least goals scored by a team to win the Cup (8), and gave up the least amount of goals by any Cup winner (2).

How many goals must be scored to win a game of lacrosse?

Goals don't matter it is whoever has the most points at the end of the 4 12 minute quarters.