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Courtney, Todd, and Amanda were the final three. Todd was the final winner.

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Q: Who were the final three on 'Survivor China' and who won the million dollars?
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Which was the first Survivor season to feature a final 3 instead of a final 2?

Season 13, Survivor: Cook Islands. Yul Kwon was the winner of the million dollars and obtained the title of Sole Survivor.Season 13. Survivor: Cook Islands.

Can survivor jury members talk to each other before the final vote?

No they can't. They can only ask the finalists questions to make up their mind on who should get the million dollars.

Who were the final five on the reality-TV show 'Survivor China'?

coach, erinn, jt, stehpen, taj

When was the final episode of survivor Nicaragua?

The final episode of Survivor Nicaragua aired on December 19th, 2010.

What is the most expensive four wheel drive?

The Lunar Rover. original estimate to biuld four of them was 19 million dollars. Final cost was actually 38 million... about 200 million in todays money. so about 50 million dollars per vehicle!

Who were the final 3 in survivor Samoa?

Survivor Samoa final 3:Mick TrimmingRussell HantzNatalie WhiteNatalie won Survivor Samoa in a 7-2-0 vote.Mick: 0 votesRussell: 2 votesNatalie: 7 votes

Who was the final mayflower survivor?

Mary allerton cushman

What are the release dates for Survivor - 2000 The Final Four 1-13?

Survivor - 2000 The Final Four 1-13 was released on: USA: 23 August 2000

When does Survivor Redemption Island End?

The final episode of Survivor Redemption Island will air Sunday, May 15th, 2011.

Was there a second place cash prize for survivor?

All "Survivor" contestants receive cash prizes, depending on how long they last during the competition. In some seasons, the winner receives a check for $1 million, the runnerup gets $100,000 and the third-place contestant wins $85,000.

What are the release dates for Survivor - 2000 The Final Four 2-14?

Survivor - 2000 The Final Four 2-14 was released on: USA: 26 April 2001 Hungary: 16 April 2006

What is the time frame between the final vote and the live results show on Survivor?

The final vote occurs on Day 39 of Survivor. The reunion episode takes place approximately 6 months later.