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The beats in music are counted in maths.

Also, there are many patterns and structures (not obvious at first) that are standard in a great deal of music, and they are determined with numbers.

MAth is music, music is math: they both have counting, fractions(4/4 time,or meter), and numbers in them-I like to call music the sounds or the soundings of Math(ematics)

For the most part, if one wants to get a great grip on music, understanding the mathematical concepts of it will make the musical concepts a piece of cake-in a deep manor, to understand music theory, you need to understand its mathematics to a massively extreme extent(you cant really understand music, until you can understand its math)-music is more mathematical than music itself-Again, i like to call music: the sounds of math-the notation themselves are symbols of mathematics

Hope this helps-to get more info on this i insist in drum instructer

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It takes mathematical skill to fully understand and read music. This is because it takes lots of counting and rhythmic beats to be able to accurately make the music sound right.

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Q: How is music related to math?
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