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Chlorophyll is a green coloring that mostly plants have. Chlorophyll is the reason most plants are green.

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Q: What does chlorophyll look like?
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What does a chlorophyll look like?

its green

Why plants look like green?

Because of their chloroplasts, obviously.Chloroplasts contain chlorophyll and it is this chlorophyll which gives plants their green colour.

What color wavelengths of light do chlorophyll appear to look like?

It depends upon the type of chlorophyll. Chorophyll a absorbs light at 680 and 700 nm.

Why does chlorophyll makes a leave look green?

Because chlorophyll is green

What organelle does photosynthesis in a plant cell and what does it look like?

Chloroplast. It has chlorophyll and it is somthing green and round

How does chlorophyll make a leaf look?

Chlorophyll is green, and it gives leaves the same color.

How chlorophyll makes a leaf look green?

Because the chloroplasts that make chlorophyll are green.

How can you tell if a cell has chlorophyll?

if organisms contain green color they contain chlorophyll. but some organisms like cyanobacteria they contain chlorophyll but also contain blue pigment. So they look like bluish and also some time redish. The organisms who contain chlorophyll they are autrophic and prepare their own food but some time also become parasitic.

What causes plants to look green?


What would a plant look like if it didn't have enough chlorophyll?

Except green color. Either yellow or reddish....

Chlorophyll looks like this?

Chlorophyll is a green coloring that mostly plants have. Chlorophyll is the reason most plants are green.

How pigments like chlorophyll work?

Yes chlorophyll is a pigment. They are absorbing sunlight.

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