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Plumb line test

This is a quick visual check to see if the spine is straight. In scoliosis, the plumb line will fall to the left or right of the spine instead of through the middle of the buttocks. Plumb line dropped from the prominent vertebra of C7 (vertebra prominence) measures the decompensation of the thorax over the pelvis. The distance from the vertical plumb line to the gluteal cleft is measured in centimeter and is recorded along with the direction of deviation. If there is cervical or cervico-thoracic curve, the plumb should fall from the occipital protuberance (inion).

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Q: What is plumb line test?
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How do you test good posture using the plumb line test?

by exercises properly and relax and also the importance of physical fitness

Who invented the plumb line?

It is not known who invented the plumb-line or plumb-bob; there is evidence that it has been in use since biblical times and archaeologists haveÊunearthed what they think are plumb gaugingÊtoolsÊin Ancient Egypt.

How do they know the plumb line is vertical?

Use of a plumb bob a level used on plumb rather then horizontal

What is plumb bob use for?

To establish a plumb line. Vertical line. Basic tool that lets you do everything else. With a plumb bob and something to measure with you can build anything.

How do you draw a vertical line?

Use a plumb line.

What did plumb-lines used to be made from?

A plumb-line can be made of steel, metal, gold or wood

What does the plum line look like?

The plumb line is a vertical straight line.

How do you spell plum as in vertically straight?

The spelling for the word describing something that is vertically straight is "plumb."

What is a plumb line hook in an engineer's transit?

A place to hang the line.

Did david use plumb line to measure moabites to kill?

II Samuel 8:2 is the account that you are referring to, but the mention of a plumb-line is not in this passage. The only passage in scripture that mentions a plumb-line is in Amos 7:7-8. A plumb-line is used for vertical alignment. David used a chord , or rope as a measuring tool to separate out a third to one half of the Moabites.

What does plumb?

In a vertical or perpendicular line. e.g. "The wall is plumb."This is the most common meaning and alludes to the method of establishing vertical by using a plumb bob - a weight suspended from a long line which hangs straight down - with the resulting line between the top of the line and the plumb bob being a reference for the edge of something that is supposed to be perfectly vertical. If it is further away from the line at the top or bottom of the line than it is at the other end, it is not quite "plumb".There are, of course, several more informal uses for the term:(Informal definition) Directly; squarely: e.g. "It fell plumb in the middle."(sometimes also spelled as "plum" with the informal definition...) Utterly; completely: e.g "I'm plumb worn out."informal chiefly US (intensifier): e.g. "That's just plumb stupid."

What is the purpose of the plumb bob?

To show a vertical line