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You can always use a higher rated switch to control a smaller load. You can not use a a lower rated switch to control a larger load.

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Q: 20 amp light switch for 15 amp light switch?
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Can a 15 amp switch be installed on a 20 amp circuit?

No, it shouldn't be. Purchase a 20 amp rated switch.

Why would you need a 20 Amp Single Pole Switch insted of a 15 Amp?

If the wire to the switch is AWG #12 you need a 20 amp switch because it is a 20 amp circuit.

20 amp switch in a 15 amp circuit?

no harm done switch is rated for up to 20 amps

Can you use a 20 amp switch on a 15 amp breaker?

Yes- The switch just has the ability to carry a higher current then the normal 15 amp type.

Why would i need a 20-Amp Single-Pole Switch insted of a 15 Amp?

You would need a 20 amp switch when the load controlled by the switch can draw as much as 20 amps. If you have a 20 Amp breaker supplying the circuit then you need to size all switches and outlets on that circuit to 20 amps.

What should you do in case your wall switch gets warm?

increase the amperage of the switch. if it is a 15 amp switch, change it to a 20 amp switch. you also can reduce the load on the switch, which will relieve the heating. in either case, do it NOW, that switch can start a fire at any time. be prepared to pay 5 to7.00 for a 20 amp switch.

Can you use a 15 amp light with a 20 amp switch?

Yes, as long as an appliance's rated current amperage is equal to or less than the rated current amperage of the switching device, it is quite all right.

Can a 12 gauge wire be used between a 15 amp breaker a a timer switch?

Yes. #12 is good for 20 amp or less

Can you go from a 30 amp male plug from a generator to a 20 amp female transfer switch?

What is a 20 amp female transfer switch? I have never heard of such a device.

Can you install a 20 amp exhaust timer on a 15 amp circuit?

It sounds to me like the exhaust timer is just a switch. The 20 amp rating that the timer is given is the maximum amount of current that it can handle and still be within its safety specifications. It will work very well on a 15 amp circuit.

Can you replace a 20 amp switch with a 10?


Can you use 15 amp appliance on 20 amp socket?

Yes, the amp rating is a measurement of the highest amp load it should carry. So a 15 amp appliance will work on a 20 amp socket but you wouldn't want to use a 20 amp appliance on a 15 amp socket.

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