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255 inch pounds = 21.25 foot pounds.

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250 inch-pounds is equivalent to 20.83 foot-pounds (250 divided by 12).

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Q: 250 inch pounds equals how many foot pounds?
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14 foot pounds is equal to how many inch pounds?

14 foot pounds is equal to 168 inch pounds, as there are 12 inches in a foot.

How many inch pound equals 37 pounds?

37 lbs. converted to inch pounds equals 444 inch pounds.

How many inch pounds are in 25 foot pounds?

1 foot = 12 inches(1 foot) pound = (12 inch) pounds(18 foot) pounds = (18 x 12) = 216 inch pounds

How many foot pounds is 106 inch pounds?

To convert inch-pounds to foot-pounds, divide by 12. Therefore, 106 inch-pounds is equal to 8.83 foot-pounds.

How many pounds are in 250 inch pounds on a torque wrench?

There are 20.83 ft-lbs in 250 inch pounds. To convert inch pounds to foot pounds, divide by 12.

How many foot-pounds equal ninety inch-pounds?

90 inch - pounds (torque) = 90 / 12 = 7.5 foot pounds (torque)

How many inches per pound are in 16.5 pounds per foot?

To convert 16.5 pounds per foot to inches per pound, divide 1 by 16.5 to get 0.0606 inches per pound.

How many ft pounds in 25 in pounds?

25 inch pounds = 2.08333333 foot pounds

25 foot pounds equals how many inch pound?

Well my guess is the best solution for you to see how many pounds equals a certain amount of inches is probably just buying a cheap scale from walmart and checking it every day. Now what i just did was I asked this exact question and it said do you want to answer it. So sorry if this wasnt any help. I just lost 12 inches and I was trying to see how many pounds I lost. But as I can see there is no answer. I hope the people who are reading this wont get to aggrivated because once again there is apperantly no answer to this question just a guess. And I hope If you are on a diet and reading this you will have great success in it. Good luck.

What are Inch pounds compared to foot pounds?

The conversion between inch pound and foot pounds are given .On finding the relation we get as follows . So, 1 foot pounds =12 inch pounds .

How many ft pounds is 220 inch pounds?

220 inches = 181/3 feet 220 inch pounds = 181/3 foot pounds

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