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y=.12*110/.44 = 30 ml

x=110-30 = 80 ml

So, you need 80 ml of the 53% solution and 30 ml of the 97% solution.

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Q: A chemist needs 110 milliliters of a 65 percent solution but has only 53 percent and 97 percent solutions available Find how many milliliters of each that should be mixed to get the desired solution?
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A beaker contains 625 milliliters of water A chemist pours 25 liters of the water in a solution How many milliliters are left in the beaker?


A chemist needs 90 milliliters of a 77 percent solution but has only 75 percent and 84 percent solutions available Find how many milliliters of each that should be mixed to get the desired solution?

Let v be the capacity in milliliters of the 75% solution required then (90 - v) is the required capacity of the 84% solution needed. 75/100v + 84/100(90 - v) = 77/100 x 90 75v + 84(90 - v) = 77 x 90 75v + 7560 - 84v = 6930 9v = 7560 - 6930 = 630 v = 70 : therefore (90 - v) = 20 The mixed solution requires 70ml of the 75% solution and 20ml of the 84% solution to create 90ml of 77% solution.

A chemist needs 90 millimeters of a 77 solution but has only 75 and 84 solutions available - Find how many millilters of each that should be mixed to get the desired solution?

nvm figured the answer out it's 70 ml of 75% ; 20 ml of 84%

Why don't chemist use percent by volume to prepare and describe many solutions they use?

some liquid volumes are not additive, leading to potentially confusing final solution volumes.

A chemist has 2 solutions of h2so4 One 40 concentration and the other 25 solution How many liters must be mixed to make 129 liters of 31 solution?

For a detailed answer visit:

How can you make a perm solution?

Become a chemist, or hire one.

Where shall you get minoxidil topical solution in India?

Minoxidil topical solution is available in India. CIPLA makes it in the name Tugain and Dr. Reddy's lab makes it under a brand called Mintop. Both these generic versions are available in chemist shops without a prescription as they are OTC formulations.

For the chemist a concentrated solution has?

little solvent and much solute r.s.c

Who made Benedict's Solution?

Stanley Rottiser Benedict, an American chemist

A chemist wants to make a 10 solution of fertilizer. how much water and how much of a 30 solution should the chemist mix to get 30 L of a 10 solution?

30 liters of a 10 % solution of fertilizer has .1(30) = 3 liters of fertilizer 1 liter of 30% solution has .3 liter of fertilizer 10 liters of 30% solution has 3 liters of fertilizer so, the chemist needs 10 liters of the 30% solution and 20 liters of water to make 30 liters of a 10% solution.

A chemist needs 4 liters of a 50 percent salt solution All she has available is a 20 percent salt solution and a 70 percent salt solution How much of each of the two solutions should she mix to obtain?

You will need more data about all densities (in kg/Litre)and you must be sure of using mass% = (g solute)/(100 g solution)Solve two equations for both X and Y:4*d50*50 = X*d20*20 + Y*d70*70 (based on salt mass balance in diff. sol'n.)4*d50 = X*d20 + Y*d70 (based on solutions mass balance)In which:dm = density of the 'm'% salt solution in kg/Litre)X and Y = volume of the 20% and 70% salt solutions respectively

Is A chemist must use 0.0005 liter of potassium iodide describe this volume in milliliters?

0.5 ml or 1/2

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