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A short circuit is the term for hot touching ground. This can cause a breaker to trip which will then open the circuit.

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Q: An open circuit results when a hot wire touches ground?
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Why do you experience a shock in an open circuit?

You don't experience a shock in an open circuit. The only time that you can get a shock from an open circuit is when you act as a switch and close the circuit or you ground the circuit hot side to ground with your body. Current has to flow to give you a shock.

What is the function of the third prong in a household electric plug?

To safely ground an electrical appliance. If the hot touches the metal grounded case the circuit breaker will open and stop the current.

What would the results of voltage drop test be if the circuit is open?


What is open circuit and short circuit?

Consider two points (A and B) in an electric circuit. An open circuit between A and B means there is no electrical connection between A and B. A short circuit between A and B means there is an electrical connection between A and B.

What happens to a light when the circuit is open?

It goes out. That's what you do when you turn a switch off, you open the circuit. If it's shorted to ground, it will blow the fuse or trip the breaker.

Why does a newly installed GFCI outlet show open ground on the tester?

Ground wire is loose or disconnected somewhere in that circuit.

When you turn the key to on the oil pressure gauge goes to high without starting the car?

There is a open on the sender side of the circuit. Ground the sender wire and if it goes to low then it is the sender if not then the circuit is open.

What. Is the difference between a short circuit and a open circuit?

An open circuit is not complete- no current flows. When you unplug an appliance, it is now an open circuit. If a wire were cut- open circuit. In a short circuit, current does not make it to the motor, light or other component, it takes a "short cut" directly to the other conductor. This usually results in a very high current draw, and overheating the circuit, blowing fuses, tripping circuit breakers, smoke and fire.

What is a type of open circuit?

a circuit which is open

What is An example of a short circuit?

A short is an unintentional ground in a wire or load unit. You can tell when a circuit is short when something works when it is not supose to. An "open" wire, or circuit will be the oposite of that. it will not work when it should.

What is circuit diagram of open circuit?

When a circuit is in off condition then it is called an open circuit..

Can you use the same ground to measure input and output voltage in IC?

yes u can use.... ground is the closed loop connection(it is introduced for the circuit not to be open circuit condition).....if the vcc supply is dc input

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