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A circuit breaker does not "cause" smoke. A circuit breaker "breaks" a circuit when there is too much current, creating a hazardous condition for the wires that are connected to the circuit breaker.

The circuit breaker PROTECTS you from electrical fire.

Find the source of the smoke; what burned?

If a circuit breaker tripped during the incident, it is usually caused by melting/burning wire insulation, either inside or outside of an appliance. If the insulation inside the walls of your house has burned/melted, it could be that the circuit breaker was too large for the wire or that the circuit breaker failed to shut off at the appropriate current load.

If the circuit breaker failed, your insurance should help you.

If an appliance overloaded the circuit, your insurance should help you.

If someone connected an oversized circuit breaker, causing the wire to overheat, your insurance company may refuse to help you.

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Q: Circuit breaker trip cause smoke will homeowner insurance pay for it?
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Will homeowner's insurance cover elect breaker box problem?

Homeowners Insurance is not made to cover maintenance. Coverage is determined by the cause of the damage. If it is a "covered cause" and is sudden and accidental the it is probably covered. If not it isn't.

What causes a circuit breaker to switched off?

The need to de energize the circuit the breaker is feeding is a cause to have a circuit breaker switched off. If you are referring to a breaker tripping off, the cause would be from an overload condition being applied to the circuit, the breaker sensing it and shutting the circuit off.

What would cause a circuit breaker heating element to trip off?

There are two conditions that would cause a breaker to trip off. One is an overload of the circuit and the other is a short circuit on the circuit. The heating element within the breaker is what monitors for circuit overloads.

What would cause a short periodic low hum to come from a circuit breaker?

A bad circuit breaker. Replace it.

What may cause breaker instantaneously trip?

A short circuit on the system will cause a breaker instantaneously trip.

What is the use of the circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker is used to ensure that the circuit doesn't get overloaded with too much wattage or voltage, which can cause a fire.

Cause of a circuit breaking tripping?

A circuit breaker trips because the circuit is overloaded. Put another way, the circuit is drawing too much current for the rating of the breaker.

Why would a circuit breaker switch spark?

the circuit breaker spark when it comes an over load, loss contact,but the probable cause is loss contact...and also the circuit breaker is going to be damage or destroyed.

Can a circuit breaker on my 1992 grand prix cause my headlights to stay on?

No. A circuit breaker is like a fuse, it protects a circuit from a catastrophe if a dead short should occur.

What is the difference between over load and circuit breaker?

Your question is disjointed. A circuit breaker can be overloaded which will cause it to trip. An overcurrent condition causes this.

Will homeowners insurance cover replacement windows that sagged due to settling?

Settling of earth is not a covered cause of damage. For this reason, the homeowner's insurance will not cover replacement of the windows. This is a maintenance issue that is your responsibility as the homeowner. Maintenance is never covered by the homeowner's insurance. Sorry.

Will circuit breaker cause voltage drop in outlet?

Only if it trips!

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