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30,000 feet per hour = 5.68 miles per hour.

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Q: Convert 30000 feet into miles per hour?
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How do you convert speed in miles per hour into speed in feet per second?

To convert miles per hour to feet per second multiply by 5280 (feet in a mile) and then divide by 3600 (seconds in an hour).

How do you convert miles per hour into feet per second?

Miles per hour x 1.467 = feet per second.

How do you convert feet per minute into miles per hour?

feet per minute x 0.011363636 = miles per hour

What is 10 mile per hour measured in feet per second?

First, convert the hours to seconds:10 miles/hour x 1 hour/3600 seconds = .002777 miles/secondNext, convert the miles to feet:.002777 miles/second x 5280 feet/mile = 14.67 feet/second

What is the Rule of thumb to convert feet per second to miles per hour?

Feet per second x 0.6818 = miles per hour.

Convert 60 miles per hour to feet per minute?

5280 feet minute

Convert 5 feet per hour to miles per hour?

5 ft/hour = 0.00095 mph

Convert miles per hour to feet per minutes?

Multiply by 88.

How do you convert 63360 feet per hour to miles per hour?

Given that One Mile = 5280 feet then 63360ft/5280ft = 12 miles. The answer is 12 miles per hour Given that One Mile = 5280 feet then 63360ft/5280ft = 12 miles. The answer is 12 miles per hour

Convert 176 feet second to miles hour?

Assuming the question is refering to feet PER second and miles PER hour, 176 fps = 120 mph

How do you convert 45 miles per hour to how many feet per minute?

Use this formula: miles per hour x 88 = feet per minute

How do you convert 60 miles per hour to feet per second?

First convert to feet per hour by converting the miles to feet by multiplying by 5280 as there are 5280 feet in a mile Now convert to feet per second by converting the hours to seconds, but as the time is on the bottom of speed = distance/time, divide by 3600 as there are 3600 seconds in an hour → 60 miles/hour = (60 × 5280) ÷ 3600 ft/s = 88 ft/s

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