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For most of the world, the answer is NO. They stopped using the absurd Imperial system years ago.

Most liquids would be measured in fluid ounces.

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Q: Could you give examples of two things at the grocery store that are measured in fluid ounces?
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What are examples of things measured in grams?

Paperclips pencap

What is quart examples of things measured in cups?


Give 5 examples of things measured in kilometer?


What are some things that are measured in ounces?

liquid medicine might be measured in fl oz, as would the quantity of milk to be added to a steamed pudding.

Are the food items in the grocery store often measured by volume or by mass?

Majority of stuff sold in a grocery store is measured by mass, with things like meat, rice, cereal fruits.... The only thing that i could think that was sold in volume was drinks

Examples of things measured in millimeters?

very small ofr tiny things because "milli" means small.

Lists examples each of things are commonly measured by volume?

amount of air, liquid

List Three examples each of things that are commonly measured by mass by volume and by length?

Measured by mass: apples, books, and bricks. Measured by volume: water, oil, and milk. Measured by length: pencils, ropes, and hair.

Examples of things measured in kilo?

A person's mass, airline [check-in] luggage, sack of potatoes, cereals.

What 5 things that can be measured in kilograms?

Mass of an object Weight of a person Amount of flour in a recipe Quantity of produce in a grocery store Mass of luggage at an airport

What are the examples of things that can be measured as killometres?

distance between cities, length of a long beach, height of a commercial flight

What are Samples of things that could be measured?

all solid things could be measured