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It is called an ellipse.

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Q: Earth's orbit us shaped like a flattened circle. What is the name of that shape?
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What is A flattened circle that is the earths orbit?

All orbits are ellipses. You might describe an ellipse as a "flattened circle", but mathematically, a circle is a special version of an ellipse in which both foci are at the same spot.

What is earth's orbit shaped liked?

Earth's orbit around the sun is shaped like a flattened oval.

Shape of earth's orbit?

The shape of Earths orbit is hemisphere.

What does the shape of an ellipse describe to us?

The path of an object in orbit around another object. It's a "conical section", shaped like a circle, but "flattened" in one direction (a circle can be considered a special case of an ellipse). An ellipse has two focal points.

What is the approximate shape of the Moon's orbit around the earth?

The mooon's orbit is elliptical. An elliptical shape is pretty much a flattened circle, or an oval. Hope that helps! XD

How do you describe earths orbit around the sun?

The Earth's orbit around the Sun is an ellipse, with low eccentricity. That means that the orbit is ALMOST a circle, but not quite.

What is the shape of the orbit of the earth and other planets?

Oval or elliptical shaped. (Not a perfect circle)

What is an elliptical orbit?

An elliptical orbit is a not exactly circle but like an oval or sphere shaped orbit which means going round in a sphere or an oval shape.

Which is larger the earth or the earths orbit?

the earths orbit because the earths orbit is the size of earth + the size of the moon

What is Something you can not keep up with?

Earths Orbit? Earths Orbit?

What is the shape of the earths orbit?

The Earth's orbit around the sun is elliptical with an eccentricity of .0167.

What is earths orbit circumferance?

I am not sure if it is called a circumference, since it is not a circle, but whatever it is called is 583,400,000 miles in length.

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