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Connect the ground wire from the light fixture to the ground wire in the ceiling box.

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Q: How do you connect a ground wire for a light fixture?
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Where do you hook the ground wire on a porcelain light fixture on a metal box?

Connect the ground wire to the metal box.

What to do with ground wire in wall when wiring metal light fixture without ground wire into plastic outlet box with ground wire Basically wall has 3 wires fixture has 2 and no place to ground to?

Connect the ground wire in wall to the base of fixture

What happens if you dont connect a ground wire to a light fixture?

The fixture will not be grounded. As long as the hot and neutral are connected the light will work.

What do you do when you can't connect the ground wire to the fixture?

you can ground it to the fixture electrical box.

What do I attach the green wire from the light fixture to?

The green wire on the light fixture is a ground wire. If there is no ground wire in the conduit, the green wire should be attached to the metal box with a screw.

What if the light fixture has two copper house wires?

If you mean 2 bare copper wires those are the ground wires. Tie them together and then connect the light fixture ground wire which will be green or bare copper to those ground wires.

Can you connect the ground wire from a light fixture to anthing in the metal box that does not have a ground coming from it?

I always connect the ground wire to the box. However, if there is no real ground wire running back to the panel it really does you no good. The NEC requires that you rewire the circuit with the proper conductors. Remember that the ground is for your protection. Without a proper ground, you run the risk of injury or death if the fixture wiring fails.

Is is ok if the lighting fixture ground wire is wrapped around the bottom of the chain and the ground wire from the light box is connected to the ground screw on the mounting crossbar?

If you are referring to a porcelain or plastic ceiling light fixture most do not have a place to connect the ground wire. You cannot ground these type fixtures. Just connect the ground wire to the mounting crossbar and forget about connecting it to the light itself. It is on the ceiling and will never be touched unless you change the bulb and then you will have the switch in the off position. It is perfectly safe.

I am installing a kitchen light fixture in the ceiling. While pulling down the old fixture the green ground wire broke. The new Fixture has a green ground wire. Where do I ground it to now?

The fixture box should have a ground screw on the bottom of the box. Sometimes you have to move other wires out of the way to see it. Just reconnect the fixture ground wire to this screw.

When you connect earth wire in ceiling light does not work when connecting earth from light direct to earth wire coming from ceiling trips out when take earth wire out light works?

By earth wire I am assuming you mean the bare wire and that a black and white wire are connected to the light. If when you connect the earth wire and breaker trips then there is a short between black and earth. It could be a bad ground connection, an internal short in the light fixture where black wire "hot" is connected to metal on the fixture through a nick in wire.

What to do with no ground in wall but ground wire in fixture?

Very often the ground wire in the fixture is ignored, or just connected to the box, if there isn't a conductor to connect to. This, however, is a code violation as any fixture with a ground wire is required to have it properly connected to an equipment grounding conductor back to the panel. This is for YOUR SAFETY. Technically you should rewire the circuit with the proper conductors. It is BAD PRACTICE to connect the ground wire to the neutral or white wire because this could create a hazard of its own.

How do you add a switch to a light fixture?

Install the switch in the wall outlet box you have installed. Now run a 12/2 or 14/2 wire from the switch to the light fixture in the ceiling. Run the exact same size wire that is already powering the light. Connect the ground wire coming from the light switch to the ground wires in the ceiling box. At the light in the ceiling cut the black wire powering the light. Cut only that wire. Now strip the 2 black wires back and connect the white wire coming from the wall switch to one of the black wires and the black wire coming from the wall switch to the other black wire. At the wall switch connect the ground wire to the ground screw on the single pole switch. Now connect the white and black wire to either screw. Does not matter which one. Now when you turn the switch off you are breaking the flow of electricity to the light. This is called a switch leg.

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