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You can't. One measures volume, the other measures length.

But a cube that is 1 linear meter on each of the three sides has a volume of 1 cubic meter.

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Q: How do you convert cubic meters to linear meters?
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Convert square meters into cubic meters?

Square meters are a linear measurement, cubic meters are a measurement of volume and are not compatible

What is 2.8 cubic meters in centimeters?

You can not convert a cubic value (a volume) to a linear value (a length) ie cubic meters into cementers.

How many linear meters in 267 cubic meters?

not possible to convert a volume unit to a length unit.

Cubic meters to linier meters?

Cubic meters cannot be converted into linear meters; cubic meters are units of volume and linear meters are units of length.

What is 100 cubic feet in meters?

You can convert cubic feet to cubic meters, or feet to meters. But you can't convert cubic feet to meters.

How do you convert linear meters to cubic meters?

You'll have to add 2 more dimensions. a linear meter is a length, with no area, width or depth. A cubic meter has all 3 dimensions, height, width and length.

How do you convert the inches to cubic meters?

You cannot convert inches to cubic meters.

How many linear meter in 1 cubic meter?

Linear meters (Length) can not be converted to cubic meters (Volume)

What is the formula for converting lineal meters to cubic meters where timber is concerned?

The lineal (or linear) metres refer to the length. You need to know the height and width to convert to cubic metres.

Convert cubic meters to pounds?

How do you convert lbs to cubic meters or vice versa

Convert meters to cubic meters?

that's not possible because meters are length and cubic meters are volume so not convertable it is you convert to cubic decimeters

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