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Q: How many acres are in a strip of land 200 feet by 1350 feet?
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How many acres do you need to run a 1 mile strip across your land?

If we assume that the "strip" is only 1 foot wide the answer would be: There are 5,280 feet in a mile, if the "mile long strip" is 1 foot wide, that strip would comprise 5,280 square feet (5280 x 1). Each acre comprises 43,560 square feet therefore the strip would make up .1212 acres (5280 sqft/43,560 sqft). If the "mile long strip" was 10 feet wide, multiply .1212 acres x 10 to determine that the strip would comprise 1.212 acres. Simply multiply the width of the strip by .1212 to determine the acreage of the strip.

How many acres would you need to have a strip of land 5000 ft long?

This question cannot be answered because the width of the strip is not known. Acres is a measure of area, not length. Three separate examples are given below, all of which are "a strip of land 5000 ft long". 5,000 ft. by 1 inch wide = 0.009565 of an acre 5,000 ft. by 40 feet wide = 4.591 acres 5,000 ft. by 1,000 feet wide = 114.78 acres

How many acres are in a 25 ft wide by 918.37 ft long strip of land?

25 ft * 918.37 ft = 22,959.25 square feet.Convert this to acres.22 959.25 (square feet) = 0.527071855 acres

What is 61490 square feet of land in acres?

61,490 square feet = ~1.412 acres.

How many feet in 20 acres of land?

20 acres is 871,200 square feet.

If a piece of land that measures 5280 feet by 5280 feet how many acres is it?

640 acres

How many square feet in five acres of land?

There are 217,800 square feet in five acres.

How much is 0.16 acres of land?

0.16 acres of land is 6969.6 square feet, or a square about 83.5 feet on each side.

20 acres of land?

20 acres is 871,200 square feet.

How many acres is 15340 square feet of land?

0.352 acres

How many feet are in 50 acres of land?

50 Acres of land is at least 42,000 feet long. But if you double it you would have 84,000 in 100 acres. And gust keep going on.

What is the total acres if you have a parcel of land that is 200 feet wide and 200 feet deep?

.91 acres

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