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Amps * Volts = Watts.

50 Watts at 120 Volts = .4 Amps

50 Watts at 12 Volts = almost 4.25 Amps

50 Watts at 1 Volt = 50 Amps

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Q: How many amps in 50 watts?
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How many amps is in 6000 watts?

It depends on how much volt you have watts divided by volts equal amps 6000w / 120v equals 50 amps

5000 watts at 240 volt will draw how many amps?

To find amps if watts and volts are known, use the formula; watts / volts = amps or 5000 / 240 = 20.83 amps

6000 watts is how many amps?

Depends on the input voltage. Watts equals Amps times Volts. Amps equals watts divided by volts. If you have a 120 volt supply, the current (amps) is roughly 50 amps.

How many amps does 50.000 watts equal?

There are zero amps in 50 watts. The equation for amperage is, I W/E. Amps = Watts / Volts. As you can see if there is no voltage stated the amperage can not be calculated.

How can you have 50 watts in 12 and 240 volt?

With different ampere - electrical current Watts are volts x amps, so amps are watts / volts 50/12 = 4.2 amps 50/240 = 0.2 amps Same power(Watts), different voltages and different currents(amps)

How many watts are used by 5 amps running on 10 volts?

You get watts from taking amps x volts, so 5 x 10 = 50 watts

How many amps in a 50 watt 12v light?

The amps are equal to the watts divided by the volts, in this example 50 divided by 12.

How many amps equal 600 watts at 12volts?

600 watts @ 12 volts is 50 ampers

How many amps in 50 watts at 12 volts?

a=w/v a= 50/12 a= 4.1666666666

How many amps do you need to run 6000 watts at 120 volts?

Watts divided by volts equals amps so 6000 divided by 120 = 50

How many watts in 4.2 amps?

There are zero watts in 4.2 amps.

60 watts is how many amps?

watts = volts x amps.

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