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Q: How many golf tees in 2 cubic feet?
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How many golf tees fit in one cubed square foot?

That would be very difficult to determine. The experiment could never be set up and conducted, since there is no such thing as a "cubed square foot". If you meant to say cubic foot, then here is a way to determine it. You will need golf tees that will sink in water, plus a container holding 2 cubic feet, with a mark at the one cubic foot level. Fill the container with water to the one cubic foot level. Start dropping in the golf tees until the water level is at the top, or two cubic feet. Count how many golf tees you put into the container to get your answer.

How many golf tees fit in 2 square feet?


How many golf tees are in a 18 oz jar?

Depends on the size of the golf tees.

How many tees are on the golf field?

18...people keep extra tees in their golf bags though...but there are 18 ON the golf you call it.

How many feet in a golf course?

Well on average a golf course is around 6200-6500 yards long from the back tees so between 18,600' and 19,500'

Where can one purchase personalized golf tees in a traditional store?

There are a few stores that offer printing of personalized golf tees. One purchase personalized tees from 'The Golf Tee Store', 'Golf Tees Etc' and 'Golfers Shop Here'.

How many wooden golf tees are made a year?

Approximately 4

What is the plural of tee in golf?


What sports are greens and tees in?


How many golf tees can fit in a 1' by 1' by 2' cube?


How many golf tees fit into a half gallon jar?


When can you play the senior tees in golf?

there is no such thing

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How many golf tees fit in one cubed square foot?

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