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I don't know, 12?

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There are about 7 to 8 servings in 1 lb of beans, as a serving size is typically around 1/2 cup of cooked beans. This can vary depending on the type of beans and how they are prepared.

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Q: How many servings are in 1 lb of beans?
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How many servings of beans in a 50 lb bag?

There are aproximately 12 servings per pound of dried pinto beans (at 1/2 cup servings cooked). So- in a 50lb bag, there would be 600 servings.

How many servings of strawberries are in 1 lb?

That is 4 servings

1 lb of pinto beans serves how many?

Each pound bag of dry pinto beans contains about 12 (½ cup) servings after cooking. Eight pounds of pinto beans will therefore serve 96 people.

How many servings in 64 oz of of green beans?

16 ounces of green beans would be four 1/2 cup servings.

How many servings in 1 cup of pinto beans?


How many beans do cows eat to make 1 lb of meat?

Cows don't eat beans!!

How many cups of uncooked rice are in a pound bag?

There are about 10 servings per 1 lb bag. 1 cup makes 2 servings, so about 5 cups.

How many servings in 1 pound of pinto beans?

2000 pounds of anything, including beans, is a US ton (short ton).

How many servings are in a one pound bag of beans?

A "serving" of vegetables is generally accepted to be 1/2 a cup. Half a cup of baked beans should weight around 80-100 grams. So, being realistic, you should expect to have about 4-5 servings.

How many cups in 1 lb of beans?

Just under 2.5 cups.

How many quarts in a lb of pinto beans?

1 pound

How many serving in a quart of beans?

It depends on how big your serving is :) Assuming the beans are already cooked when you measured your quart, and a normal serving size is 1/2 cup, you'll have 8 servings to share. If your quart of beans are dry and then you cook them, you'll probably end up with 10 cups of cooked beans, or 20 half cup servings.