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In an average 5.39m2 per Cubic meter of concrete

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Q: How many square meter of formwork in one cubic cubic meter concrete?
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How much a square meter of concrete?

Concrete is sold in cubic (volume) measurements not square (area) measurements.

How much cubic meters of concrete in 130 square meters?

130 cubic meters for each meter the 130-square-meter slab is thick.

Is cubic meter of concrete same as a square meter of concrete?

No. A cubic metre is a volume measurement, what you can fit in a box, 1x1x1 metres in dimension. A square metre is an area measurement corresponding to 1x1 metre.

How many kilograms in 1 cubic meter concrete?

1750-2400 kg per cubic meter of concrete

How many tons rebar in a cubic meter of concrete?

average of 0.12tons of rebars per cubic meter of concrete.

How many square feet is 1 cubic meter of concrete that is 2 inches thick?

211.81 s.fts

How much does a square meter of concrete weigh?

Thisquestion needs clarifying. The question should be 'how much does a CUBIC metre of concrete weigh'. A square metre of concrete would have to have a thickness to make volume.

How many cubic meter in a square meter?

This cannot be done. A cubic meter is a volume and a square meter is an area.

What weighs more a cubic meter of aluminun or a cubic meter of concrete?

concrete 2400 Kg/m3aluminun 2712 Kg/m3

How many cubic meter of sand in a cubic meter concrete?

Generally the rule of thumb for this is 2.5 to 1, meaning you would need 2.5 cubic meters of sand to manufacture 1 cubic meter of concrete.

How heavy is concrete cubic meter?

The mass of a cubic metre of concrete is 2250-2400 kilograms.

How much does a cubic meter of concrete cost?

The cost of concrete will depend on the grade of concrete used for the construction. TheM20 grade concrete will cost about Rs 2900 per meter cubic

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How much cubic meters of concrete in 130 square meters?

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